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The Trusts are either single property trusts or themed geographically or by industry. This enables the investors to choose individual properties that meet an investor's needs and to build a portfolio with a geographic, period of investments and a mix of anticipated income & capital gain characteristics that corresponds to an investor's requirements.

Performance to date compares well to forecasts made in Information Memorandums. Calculations of net tangible assets (NTA) per unit and asset fees are based on valuations obtained by the Trust's Banker for mortgagee purposes. You can read more about our valuation policy here.

The position of our Trusts is per the below chart, as at 01 July 2022 (unless wound up) and based on the latest available valuations for bank purposes and after all fees. The weighted combination IRR since Pipeclay's inception in July 2013 was 29.40%.

Performance FY2023.png

For performance comparison to Information Memorandum and more detail, please click on the links below:

To see how our finished trusts performed, go here.


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