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Bancroft Road Property Trust

The Bancroft Road Property Trust was established to acquire a property located in one of the fastest growing trade regions in Australia, the Australian Trade Coast of Brisbane.


The Australian Trade Coast precinct is a major economic and employment initiative being undertaken by Brisbane Airport Corporation, the Port of Brisbane, the Queensland Government and the Brisbane City Council. The precinct is strategically located at the mouth of the Brisbane River and anchored by Queensland’s primary trade and industry gateways, Brisbane Airport and the Port of Brisbane.

The Property is connected to all major transport routes servicing South East Queensland and beyond via the recently upgraded Gateway Motorway and associated projects.

In October 2021, following sale of the property, the Trust was wound up with a final unit value of approximately $1,336.09 and IRR to investors of 13.33%.

Units were issued for $1,000 and upon liquidation, had returned $2,057.05 per unit to investors.

BRPT Graph FY2021.png

Distribution yields are expressed as a percentage of the subscription price paid for each unit less any capital returns.

1. The Actual Income Distribution Yield is the Actual Income Distributions divided by the Average Capital Invested during the year. The Bancroft Road Property Trust completed the acquisition of the property on 4 October 2013, the Actual and Forecast Income Distribution Yields for the financial year ending 30 June 2014 are annualised.

2. The Forecast Income Distribution Yield are as forecast in the Information Memorandum dated 12 September 2013.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

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