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About Pipeclay Lawson

​Pipeclay Lawson Ltd is an industrial property specialist with over 80 years combined experience on the Board.

The Principals' families invest 10% of the cash equity required in every Trust. 

Each Trust is 100% underwritten by the Principals. This creates two benefits. First, it clearly demonstrates that the Principals have selected the property on the basis that they would be content to have 100% ownership of the property. Secondly, it provides vendors and their agents with confidence that Pipeclay Lawson will complete acquisitions on time.

The Trustee operates in a co-investment atmosphere, with the Principals welcoming discussions with significant unitholders at any point.


We provide transparency over your investment, with monthly updates on each property, and all reports and due diligence materials available to our investors.

Pipeclay Lawson provides the opportunity to invest in a specific property at a specific time and for a specified period, so investors can decide which of our properties they would like to invest in.

We pay distributions monthly.

We are not motivated by FUM, but by investment performance. We continually assess the market and are prepared to sell when the price exceeds our medium term assessment of sustainable value.

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